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The first phygital watch ever made is here.

A unique blend of horological artistry and blockchain technology invites you to explore the tangible and digital worlds to the fullest.

Collective photo of phygital watches

Every physical timepiece comes with precise digital counterparts, ready to serve as accessories in thousands of virtual experiences - from games and concerts in the metaverse, to online events and conferences.

Be the first to express your true style in the prominent virtual domains of Decentraland, Ready Player Me, Roblox, and many more.

With respect to traditional horology and exclusive to just 99 pieces, we've elevated the conventional watch into a dual character timepiece, that is seamlessly wearable in both our tangible world and the ever - evolving virtual realms.

Unique view of first ever phygital watch
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Close up of phygital watch

Own a Unique Piece of Watchmaking History

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