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Press Release

A revolutionary initiative at the forefront of combining high-end fashion with cutting-edge technology: the world's first watch accompanied by exact digital counterparts.


A unique combination of classical horological craftsmanship with advanced blockchain technology establishes this unconventional timepiece as the connecting link of tangible reality with the rapidly expanding metaverse.


While technological advances are constantly shaping our landscape, Monovant has noticed a significant gap in understanding the intrinsic value of owning assets and items in virtual domains. This perceived lack of value often discourages people from trying to explore the possibilities that lie ahead. As a result, Monovant took the conventional watch as a touchpoint of familiarity and transformed it into a unique product, designed to guide you through a smooth transition into digital domains.


Resonating in both the physical world and the metaverse, this innovative phygital approach deepens our understanding of digital ownership and fosters an appreciation for the symbiotic blend of the real and the virtual.


At the heart of their offering is a unique semi-precious Jasper stone dial. Each stone is meticulously cut, polished, and hand-selected to make each watch a one-of-a-kind statement that reflects the individuality of its owner.

The physical watch is accompanied by its precisely built digital twin, enabling wearers to extend their style into virtual domains such as Decentraland, Ready Player Me, and Roblox.


To receive 1 of the 99 limited pieces, you only need to include your blockchain address/wallet when placing the order. The digital counterparts of your one-of-a-kind watch will be instantly delivered to you in the form of exclusive digital assets (wearables) at no additional cost. They are ready to be used as accessories in thousands of online worlds, including games, online concerts, mixed-reality experiences, and even virtual conferences.


Monovant's inventive spirit extends into entertaining virtual showrooms and games, where visitors can use or create their personalized avatars to inspect the watches in an immersive digital environment – a great step towards the future of online shopping.


Introducing a distinctive fusion of fashion and technology, Monovant presents a new era of personalized expression. It transforms the conventional watch into a true extension of the wearer's identity in the virtual world, transcending mere timekeeping to become a bold statement in everyday life and the expansive metaverse.


Stay tuned for the official launch and join the waiting list on the official website. Monovant promises that the first-ever phygital watches will continue to push boundaries, offering novel innovations in step with the evolving dynamics of our interconnected world.

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